College and Career Readiness at Sugar Creek Charter School

A College and Career Ready Student at Sugar Creek Charter School is equipped with the academic, social, and career exploration skills necessary to create personalized successful post-secondary school life plans.

CCR Seminars

The CCR Seminar Program is a MANDATORY comprehensive series of courses for the students at Sugar Creek Charter School. Each year, beginning in ninth grade, students will complete a two semester, instruction led course. The CCR Team will address different areas of growth that will ultimately lead to each student graduating with an individual, well thought out Individually Appropriate Life Plan to aid in the pursuit of a successful future.

CCR I – Freshman Seminar (“STEP UP”) 9th Grade

“Step- Up” is a required Freshman Seminar course given to all 9th grade students at Sugar Creek Charter School. This course will be used to help students transition from middle school to high school and cultivate their minds in preparation for life after graduation. This course will also enhance the character education skills learned in elementary and middle school. Second semester career planning will take place giving students an idea of various areas of interest to explore.

Topics: Time management, Goal setting, Team building, Study skills, Test taking strategies, Making and keeping friends, Decision making, Interest inventory, Human Relations, Handling Emotions/Anger management, Conflict resolution, Peer pressure, Respect for self and others, Active listening, Problem solving, Note taking, Career exploration, ACT PREP, Digital Citizenship

CCR II – Sophomore Seminar (“STEP IN”) 10th Grade

With one year of high school already completed, sophomores will reflect on the previous year and begin setting long term goals. Students will begin to enhance reading and writing comprehension and apply them to real life examples, problems and situations. Community service hours will be completed by each student and Career Planning will extend into internship and job shadow opportunities.

Topics: College 101, Personal management (Life Smart Curriculum), Critical thinking, Team building, Digital Citizenship, improving organizing skills, Personality styles, Academic success and failure, Goal Setting, Improving communication with parents, Ethical decision making, Career exploration, Public speaking, Expressing yourself (grit, code switching, ETC), Coping with self- defeating behaviors, Stress management, ACT PREP, Study Skills, Accountability, Responsibility

CCR III – Junior Seminar (“STEP FORWARD”) 11th Grade

In CCR III, students will dig deeper into post-secondary decision making, further develop critical life skills to use for the future and complete test preparation developed for students to successfully complete the ACT/SAT. All juniors will take the state mandated ACT test during the Spring semester. Juniors will also develop college application graduation plans in Naviance /Family Connections for use during senior year. Students will engage in additional external opportunities including pre-college academic/ leadership programs, internships, and community outreach.

Topics: Study skills, College 201, Building college list, Career Exploration, Goal Setting, Post-secondary plans, Life obligations, Creating winning essays, ACT Test Prep, Career management (Life Smart Curriculum), Personal management (Life Smart Curriculum), Prejudice and discrimination, Diversity

CCR IV – Senior Seminar (“STEP OUT”) 12th Grade

Students will take all the skills learned in the previous years and apply them through the college admissions process. Leading to this point, students will reevaluate their “Life Plans” and complete their decision paths. Students will also explore the pros/cons of different types of colleges, learn how to find the right fit, and receive help with completing college applications. Students will also look at financial aid options for college and/or technical school. Students will also complete a “Life After Sugar Creek” series to prepare them for the life plan of their choosing.

Topics: Graduation requirements, College Applications, Senior year plan- Post- secondary planning, College day prep, Military careers, FAFSA/Financial aid/Scholarships, References/ recommendations, Resume Polishing, Communication skills, Employers expectations, Life management (Life Smart Curriculum), Financial literacy (credit and debt, car ownership, living on your own), Stress management, Graduation readiness

CCR Counseling

Each student will construct an Individual Life Plan as a result of personal “one-on-one” meetings with college and career counselors. During these meetings, students will privately discuss their life plans and discover opportunities to achieve their desired goals. Counseling Services include but are not limited to: course planning, college matching, scholarship search, life counseling, and graduation support.

Student External Opportunities Program

In an effort to further prepare our students for college and life, we believe that classroom discussions and planning are not enough. Students need to be exposed to enriching opportunities outside of the classroom to aid in the development of a well thought out life plan. There is no better way to know if something is for you than to experience it first-hand. Over the course of their high school careers, students will participate in various opportunities for community service and

outreach projects, job shadowing, and pre-college leadership programs. 270 completed hours are required as a part of the SCCS graduation requirements.

Notable Student Experiences

Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program

Levine Children’s Hospital (Carolina’s Medical)

Novant Health Presbyterian Hospital Summer Junior Volunteer Program

North Carolina Governor’s School (East)

Davidson College July Experience

NCCU School of Business Summer Youth Business and Entrepreneurship Academy

Africa (Care for Aids Organization)

Maxwell Group Internship (Donald Thompson)

Delta Sigma Theta Arts in the School Contest

The Big Picture

Discovery Place FBI 2016 Teen Academy Court Camp (by The Trial Court Administrator’s Office)

Siemens Energy MYEP – Student Employment Job Training

College and Career Promise Program @ CPCC

The purpose of Career and College Promise is to offer structured opportunities for qualified high school students to dually enroll in community college courses that provide pathways that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level jobs skills.

Career and College Promise offers North Carolina high school students a clear path to success in college or in a career. The program is free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements. Through a partnership of the Department of Public Instruction, the N.C. Community College System, the University of North Carolina system and many independent colleges and universities, North Carolina is helping eligible high school students to begin earning college credit at a community college campus at no cost to them or their families.

College Transfer Pathway

* 3.0 and College Readiness benchmarks on approved standardized testing (ACT, PLAN, PSAT, ACCUPLACER)

* A high school junior or senior who does not demonstrate college-readiness on an approved assessment or placement test may be provisionally enrolled in a College Transfer Pathway. To qualify for Provisional Status, a student must meet the following criteria:

* Have a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5

* Have completed two years of high school English with a grade of ‘C’ or higher;

* Have completed high school Algebra II (or a higher-level math class) with a grade of ‘C’ or higher

Career Education Pathway

* Have a weighted GPA of 3.5 on high school courses or have the recommendation of the high school principal or his/her designee; and

* Meet the prerequisites for the career pathway. (There are 25+ programs to choose from and course offerings vary by location.

*Participants are responsible the cost of books, student fees (Est. @ $250 per term) and transportation to designated program campus. SCCS pays these fees on behalf of each student.

CCR Program Goals

* 100% of Students Graduate High School

* 100% of Student have a comprehensive, fully developed “Life Plan” that will follow the student after graduation

* 100% College Acceptance (2-year, 4-year, Technical, ect.)

* 80% Meet college benchmark scores on ACT/SAT Standardized Test in one or more areas

* 100% Students complete a minimum of 270 hours of external opportunity

* 100% Updated Contact Information for Current Students and Alumni

* 100% Students using Naviance/Family Connections

* 75% Matriculation of Student Life Plans.