Character Education

Character education lessons are integrated daily into the curriculum for K-5 students. Each lesson is based on a monthly school-wide character virtue. Middle school students attend a daily Life Skills class that focus on the same school-wide character virtues and social skills training listed below.


Citizenship: To identify and show honor to Country, Community, and Family.

Compassion: To observe the suffering of others and then acts to alleviate the cause of the suffering and restore emotional balance.

Cooperation: To understand and work with or toward a specified goal with others help.

Courage: To determine what is right and wrong and standing up for what you believe.

Fairness: To treat people equally give the situation, and acting without personal interests, prejudice, and favoritism.

Honesty: To give thoughtful attention to others while avoiding any attempt deceive others.

Kindness: To recognize the needs of others, and to meet them, if able to, without conditions.

Perseverance: To be aware of the facts about a situation or event and dealing with any difficulties while continuing through them, no matter what happens to the end.

Respect: To understand the value and consider the worth of people and events, while appreciating and showing esteem to others.

Responsibility: To determine what task or duty is mine, and to complete that task or duty to the best of my ability.

Tolerance: To recognize ways in which another is different from me, and to accept and/or appreciate the differences.

Trustworthiness: To understand that others count on me, and to ensure that others can safely believe my words and actions.