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Carey Kuznar
Carey Kuznar

Director of Development and Community Engagement

Supporting Sugar Creek Charter School

Thank you for your interest in supporting Sugar Creek Charter School. Our school community depends upon the generosity from people like you who contribute to programs and services for our 1,500 students in grades K-11.


One area of great need for our students is an afterschool program. Afterschool provides tremendous value for our students, from additional instruction in areas they may struggle academically, to arts activities, and engaging with their peers. Sugar Creek lost our funding for afterschool in 2014, and our goal is to bring this much-needed program back to our students.

We are also launching a new annual campaign for student enrichment, called the Wildcat Club. As a member of the Wildcat Club, your minimum gift of $250 will support the following five areas at Sugar Creek Charter School: STEM, Sugar Creek Athletic Program, Fine Arts, Literacy Initiatives, and External Opportunities for High School Students. Through an intensive student needs assessment, we have identified specific items that are not covered by our operating budget, but are critical to providing successful outcomes for our students.

Whatever your contribution, we are extremely grateful for your support of Sugar Creek Charter School and your efforts to help our school thrive.


Thank you again for taking time to learn about the culture of giving at Sugar Creek Charter School. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wildcat Club please contact me at