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Bennett, Nada

Bennett, Nada

High School Mathematics Teacher


Welcome back to Sugar Creek and Mrs. Bennett's Math page. I will be teaching Math 3 and Math 4 this school year. This is my 17th year of teaching math. I originally taught in California, at 2 different charter high schools where I taught everything from Grade 7 to PreCalculus. I have been teaching at Sugar Creek for 3 years. I love to travel, garden and cook, especially with my 6 year old granddaughter!I look forward to a brand new school year!

Math 3 Syllabus

The major purpose of Math III is to extend the mathematics that students learned in Math I and Math II, including deepening understanding of both familiar functions and newer, more complex functions, and learning how to manipulate them to create models for real-world data. By the end of Math III, students will have an understanding of function definitions and will be able to graph, perform operations, solve equations, and model data using linear, exponential, quadratic, radical, logarithmic, polynomial, rational, and trigonometric functions.

Math 4 Syllabus

The primary focus of this course is on functions and statistical thinking, continuing the study of algebra, functions, trigonometry and statistical concepts previously experienced in NC Math 1-3. The course is designed to be a capstone to introductory statistical concepts. Additionally, the course intentionally integrates concepts from algebra and functions to demonstrate the close relationship between algebraic reasoning as applied to the characteristics and behaviors of more complex functions. In many cases, undergraduate students majoring in non-STEM fields will take an entry-level Algebra or Introductory Statistics course. Students will be prepared for college level algebra and statistics or as a bridge to prepare students for Precalculus or other advanced math courses.

Supplies Needed: Laptop, Charger, Notebook/Composition Book, pencils, pens, highlighter, and whiteboard markers, scissors, rulers, colored pencils

Block 1: Planning

Block 2: Math 3

Block 3: Math 3

Block 4: Math 4

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