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James, Taylor

James, Taylor

6th - PBL Social Studies


Hello! My name is Ms. James, I am the sixth grade Project Based Learning World History teacher. I graduated from Agnes Scott College, an all women's college in Decatur, GA with a Bachelors degree in English Literature and Africana Studies. Post graduation I was accepted into Teach For America, an Americorps program for individuals like myself who believe in equitable learning for all students. I have since complete my time as a TFA Corps member, and am going into my third year teaching middle school.

Course Description:

Students in the middle-level social studies program will be engaged in the geographic study of world regions as they examine major civilization development. The 6th Grade curriculum is designed to allow students to observe societies dissimilar to their own in such a way as to broaden their understanding of people and places in an increasingly interdependent world. Students examine areas of the world having the longest record of human habitation and the richest diversity of human experience. These are regions within which the vast majority of the world's people live and regions that possess some of the world's most valuable resources. Students will trace the development of human society from its origin through the Renaissance era. Students will explore patterns of change in continuity by focusing on the expansion of and the decline of civilizations, patterns of geography, and development of political, economic, and societal systems. Students will analyze and evaluate how foundations of society influence the modern era. This class will be interactive for students to enhance their understanding of global connections and their role in the world around them.

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