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Jant, Julian

Jant, Julian

High School Vocal and Musical Keyboard


"When words fail, music speaks"- Hans Christian Anderson

Hello, my name is Mr. Julian Jant. I attended Lee University and majored in Music, emphasis in Voice. I will be teaching Vocal Music I and Music Production I & II. I look forward to having a fantastic year. In previous years, I have taught Piano Keyboarding Levels I, II and III and Chorus Levels I and II at the high school level.

Piano Keyboard course develops the following skills: listening, reading and writing music, and playing classroom instruments according to what is available. The course provides opportunities for growth in understanding the following musical elements: rhythm, melody, form, tempo, dynamics, timbre or tone color, harmony, expression, articulation, and style.

The Chorus class will study the fundamental skills of music, sight-singing, proper vocal production, and vocal health. Choral music study involves listening, describing, and evaluating music. Students also study basic vocal health and wellness issues.

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2021-2022 Schedule:

Block 1: Music Keyboarding I&II

Block 2: Planning

Block 3: CPCC Coverage

Block 4: Vocal Music I

Supply List: Students will need a notebook for daily journal entries.

What's My Schedule (Not Available til Tuesday, August 10th)

Student Resource: Student Email

Lets grow and make music together!

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