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Jones, Bellanco

Jones, Bellanco

Department Chair and Math Teacher

980 242 3070

All About Me

I am a Math Teacher and the High School Math Department Chair. I am originally form Durban, South Africa. I have been teaching for 26 years and have taught Math from grades 4 through to grade 11. I am excited about the upcoming school year.

Course Description

The Math I course is written to align with the first of three courses in the integrated pathway of the Common Core State Standards, as described in Appendix A. Each of the three courses, Math I, Math II, and Math III contain standards from number and quantity, algebra, function, geometry, and statistics and probability. The major purpose of Math I is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in the middle grades, including working with linear and exponential functions, solving systems of equations and inequalities, using rigid transformations to explain geometric relationships, and analyzing data. The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout each course and, together with the content standards, create mathematical learning experiences based upon reasoning and sense-making, building perseverance and problem-solving skills, and rich in mathematical discourse.

Math 1 Syllabus


  • computer and computer charger
  • Open Up Workbooks (will be provided at the start of each unit)
  • notebook
  • pens and pencils

Math 1 - Semester 1 - Schedule

Block 1: 7.20 - 8.50

Block 2: 8.55 - 10.25

Block 4: 12.40 - 2.10

Student Resources

Student email

What's My Schedule (available 8/10/2021)

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