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Mills, Tiraney

Mills, Tiraney

HS Spanish Teacher

(980) 242-3070

Hola! Welcome to Spanish! This year is sure to be an adventure! With Spanish being one of the most popular languages spoken in the world, comprehension of the language could create many opportunities for you. With hard work, focus, and dedication you will surely reap the benefits of this course. I look forward to guiding you through this journey!

Spanish I : This course is an introduction to the study of the target language and its culture. Students perform the most basic functions of the language and become familiar with some elements of its culture. The emphasis is placed on the development of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing within a given context extending outside of the classroom setting when possible. The content focuses on the students' lives and experiences and includes an exposure to everyday customs and lifestyles. Grammar is integrated throughout the course and is selected according to the language conventions (functions).A general introduction to the culture, its products (e.g., literature, laws, foods, games), perspectives (e.g., attitudes, values, beliefs), and practices (patterns of social interaction) is integrated throughout the course. Students acquire some insight into how languages and cultures work by comparing the target language and culture(s) to their own. Integration of other disciplines is ongoing throughout the course

Spanish II: Students enrolled in this course have either successfully completed a Level I course at the middle or high school or have placed out of Level I due to previous language study and/or established proficiency. This course provides students with opportunities to continue the development of their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students participate in short conversational situations by combining and recombining learned elements of the language orally and in writing. They are able to satisfy basic survival needs and interact on issues of everyday life in the present time and past time, inside and outside of the classroom setting. They compose related sentences which narrate, describe, compare, and summarize familiar topics from the target culture. Focus is placed on understanding main ideas in simple texts.Students develop a better understanding of the similarities and differences between cultures and languages and they examine the influence of the beliefs and values on the target culture(s). Integration of other disciplines is ongoing throughout the course

My Schedule is as follows:

1st Block: Spanish I {Spanish i Syllabus} Enter Zoom Class Here

2nd Block Spanish I { Spanish I Syllabus} Enter Zoom Class Here

3rd Block: Spanish II { Spanish II Syllabus} Enter Zoom Class here

4th Block: Planning

Semester 2 Meet and Greet

Supply List:

- 3 ring binder

- 3 dividers

- Pen/pencil

- Mask

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