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Richardson, Sakinna

5th Grade ELA - Instructional Assistant

(704) 509- 5470

Welcome Wildcats!

My name is Sakinna Richardson, I am from Wadesboro, NC. I graduated from Mars Hill University in 2019 with my bachelors degree, and in 2020 I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with my masters degree. I am looking forward to this year of growth, learning, and SUCCESS here at SCCS! Goooo Wildcats!

Fifth graders will deepen their understanding of concepts about text and comprehension strategies. They will have many opportunities to apply what they have learned through integration of language arts with other subjects. Students will use writing as a tool for learning, and they will write for a variety of purposes and audiences. They will write in a variety of genres. They will apply what they have learned about author’s craft to their own pieces. Fifth graders will increase their vocabulary by being involved in classroom discussion and word study. They will participate in oral discourse about a variety of topics, concepts, and texts.

While emphasis in the fifth grade is placed on personal expression, students should also:

  • Interpret and synthesize information.
  • Develop an understanding of the foundations of an argument.
  • Recognize individual perspectives in response to personal, social, cultural, and historical issues.
  • Critically analyze print and non-print texts.
  • Use effective sentence construction and edit writing for improvements.

Interpret and evaluate a wide range of literary and informational texts.

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