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Spearman (Gbenyon), Javonne

Spearman (Gbenyon), Javonne

High School Creative Movement and Performance Arts Instructor

School Phone: 980-242-3070

Mrs. Javonne (Gbenyon) Spearman has been an employee here at Sugar Creek Charter School for 12 years and at the high school for 4 years now.

She has dual Bachelors Degree in Special Education and Dance/Performing Arts, from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. #AggiePride

She is excited to teach and share her passion for the art of dance and performing arts with your student this school year with hopes that they develop a love and passion for the craft as well.

Creative Movement Course Description

To provide the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced dancer with study, further training, knowledge and application in various dance styles with strong emphasis in terminology, proper alignment, anatomy, musicality, expression, aesthetic, dance history and technical proficiency. This dance/movement course is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop skills that can be used to create visual impressions. The learning of values and attitudes of oneself is also a very important part of the dance course. The nature of the course offers the cultivation of such behavior as self-discipline, creativity, working with others, leadership, fellowship, responsibility, self-pride and appearance. During the course of the year, students of all levels of dance will also be required to become a part of a final semester performance.

Link for Creative Movement/DANCE Class/Course Syllabus:

Performing Arts Class Overview

Objectives: The student will have an opportunity to develop strategies and knowledge to:

1. Use critical thinking to enhance performance and/or production choices.

2. Practice focus and concentration as it pertains to actor work.

3. Invent, develop and portray characters and relationships.

4. Identify how an ensemble positively affects the production process.

5. Develop stage presence and voice projection through participation in performance activities.

6. Understand the technical aspects of theatrical production in relation to a performance.

7. Understand and demonstrate knowledge of the play production process.

Link for Performing Arts Class/Course Syllabus:

Materials Needed Daily:

Notebook paper

Pencils/ Color Pencils/Pens


Journal (Composition Notebook)

Second (2) Semester Course Schedule:

Block 1: Creative Movement/Dance (7:20am-8:50am)

Block 2: Performing Arts (8:55am-10:25am)

Block 3: Performing Arts (10:30am-12:35pm)

Block 4: SCCHS Online Education (12:40pm - 2:10pm)

Student Resources Section:

Student Email

In the case we ever have to result to a remote/virtual setting via zoom "ENTER Mrs. Spearman Zoom Class HERE"

For All Students and Parents that are here for the "Semester 2 Meet and Greet" <-------Click Here

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