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Williams, Michelle

Williams, Michelle

High School Math

School Office Number: (980) 242-3070

Meet the Teacher:

Welcome! I am Ms. Williams and will be teaching Math 2 this year. I have been teaching for seven years. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration degree from Winston-Salem State University. I then obtained my Master of Arts in Teaching from Salem College. I have four children, my oldest daughter is 21 and attends Hampton University, I have a 12 year old daughter, 7 and 2 year old sons. When I am not teaching I enjoy exploring new adventures and creating memories with my children.

Course Description:

NC Math 2 builds upon multiple concepts learned and reinforced in Math 1. Students will add to their knowledge base of linear functions initially to study how quadratic functions behave. A thorough comparison of linear and quadratic function behavior will serve as the basis for introducing polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Modeling real-world data with all of these functions will help students understand how different function types model certain patterns specifically, including the exponential functions studied in Math 1. Systems of equations and inequalities with these various function types will help students grasp the idea of real-world limitations. Coordinate-plane transformations of major geometric shapes will lead to an in-depth study of triangle properties, which sets the stage for an introduction to trigonometric ratios and their associated functions. Finally, students will extend discuss probability and extend to more rigorous considerations of conditional probability


*3-ring binder

*Loose-leaf notebook paper

*Pencils and erasers

*Colored pens

*Computer and Charger

Course Schedule:

Block 1- 7:20-8:50am: Planning

Block 2- 8:55-10:25am: Math 2/ Math 2 Honors

Block 3- 10:30-12:35pm: Math 2/ Math 2 Honors

Block 4- 12:30-2:10pm: Math 2/ Math 2 Honors

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