Registration Week is 5 / 3 – 5 / 7.
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Students will self-register for your classes through PowerSchool.

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Sugar Creek Charter School High School Students Return to In-Person Learning Plan (Presentation)

College Promise- Dual Enrollment w/ Central Piedmont Community College Interest Meeting 


————————————–Other Information and Updates——————————————————

Monday: March 1, 2021– Celebrity Day – Students can dress fancy from the waist up or dress like a celebrity people often compare them to. Their correct names must be present during the class. 

Tuesday: March 2, 2021- Meme Day – Students can replace their zoom profile photos with a meme they enjoy! MEME MUST BE Appropriate. Their correct names must be present during the class. 

Wednesday: March 3, 2021-Welcome Back Wildcats(Alumni Day) – Students will dress in their school T-Shirts. Any Wildcat T-Shirt is welcome. During homeroom, students will go to their counselor’s zoom, where they will talk with Alumni. Teachers will be assigned to counselors to help students. Zoom Assignments to come. 

Thursday: March 4, 2021-Throwback Thursday – Students can replace their zoom profile photos to an old photo of themselves. Their correct names must be present during the class. 

Friday: March 5, 2021- Award Show/Creek’s Talent/ Senior Take Over – During Wildcat Time teachers will complete shout-outs. We will highlight Creek’s Got Talent Contestants and then the remainder of the time will be dedicated to celebrating the Class of 2021.


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“My child is not a baby anymore” EMPOWERING a growing teenager.


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High School Midterm Week


Dean Young’s Attendance Public Service Announcement

Date: 9/28/2020

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Hello Wildcat Families,

Happy month of school! Thank you for your tireless efforts in partnering with us to get the new school year up and running in the current remote setting. Overall, students are doing a great job, and we hope our families are adjusting to the remote learning schedule.   We know some of you have encountered hiccups or frustrations. However, I am proud of the amount of grace and patience we have seen from staff, parents, and students. This is far from easy, but we are taking it one day at a time, and we will all grow one way or another from this new experience.

Please read through this message in its entirety as it provides helpful details about your students learning environment and how we can continue to work together for your students’ success.

There will be a newsletter posted each month for your review.


Update your contact information and sign-up for announcements using the following link:


Your child  and their classmates are participating in a learning environment.  The student’s computer camera and microphone (if un-muted) will capture everything that is occurring around them.  This can cause unnecessary distraction and disruption to the learning environment.

  • All students must have their computer camera ON and mic muted.  This is for all blocks, including Homeroom
    • Please communicate with the classroom teacher or Mr. Young, Dean of Students if there are circumstances for why a student cannot be on camera. This is for all blocks, including
  • Review the High School  Parent and Student Handbook with your child(ren) for remote learning etiquette and protocol updates.
  • Students should be in a well lighted area and in a sitting position. If using a bedroom as a designated learning area, students should not be lying down in the bed. A bed is not conducive to a good learning environment. Students should be sitting in a chair at a desk or table.
    • As much as possible, students should have a designated learning area free of background traffic (pets, family members walking by etc.). Their designated learning area should be free of personal or private information and any inappropriate images that are within camera view.
  • Students should be on time to the scheduled session with cameras on, dressed appropriately for school and ready to learn.
  • Parents and or Caregivers should not interfere during live class sessions. If parents or caregivers have questions for the teacher, please email the teacher after class.
  • Students should participate in remote learning using their laptops and NOT their phones.
    • Similar to a traditional classroom, students should not be using their cell phones, listening to background music, watching television, or playing video games while engaged in remote learning instruction and activities.
  • Students must display their full name when entering class.
    • Sharing your name and login information with individuals outside of Sugar Creek, WILL result in consequences.
  • Recording, copying, reproducing, displaying, or distributing any of the Zoom sessions in any manner by students or parents/guardians is prohibited.


All classes will be using CANVAS as a learning platform for maintaining and communicating instructional tools and assignments.

  • How do students access CANVAS?
    • Students MUST use RapidIdentity by using the link . Students will log in using their powerschool login information.  This portal will allow students to access their CANVAS and Powerschool.
  • How do students access their school email?
    • Students should go to to access their email.  Login information is the same as the login information for their SugarCreek issued device log in.
      • It is important to note that we use Office Outlook for email and NOT gmail. However , we do use Google Resources (ie. Google Drive ,Google Docs, etc) that will require login.  Please contact me if your student has trouble logging into their Google account.
  • What is the day-to-day resource that my student can use to stay informed?
    • We have a student resource site called The Student Spot (The direct link is
    • It is important to note that some resources on the site can only be accessed under students Sugar Creek Google login.


  • If your child is absent because of a medical illness, medical appointment, death in the family, etc, email excuse notes to
  • Students who are absent from class should attend recovery to recover their seat hours.  Recovery is held Monday-Thursday 1:40pm-2:40pm in Ms. Smith or Mr. Akins virtual office.
      • It is IMPORTANT  to remember five or more unrecovered absences could result in truancy and failure of the course.
      • Students must recover time for each class missed.


📌Sugar Creek Charter School is happy to announce the launch of the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System” (SS-ARS). This program, which fulfills the mandate requirement under 115C-105.51 of NC Law, allows youth and adults to submit secure and anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene upon at- risk individuals before they hurt themselves or others. Please click here to read further information.

👏Enrichment Fridays:

  • Every Friday at 8am, students are to report to Homeroom and we celebrate our Staff and Students during Wildcat Time, a Virtual Pep-Rally.  Click Here to view and see your student celebrated.
  • After Wildcat Time, students meet their attendance requirement for the day by attending TWO Enrichment Challenge Activities of their choice.  Student choose these Enrichment Challenge Activities on Mondays and Tuesdays during homeroom.


We care about your students’ social and emotional wellness and we know this is also challenging for them.  Here are some tools to help your student be at their optimum during these time.



Please make the computer or technology device used for remote learning is functioning with a working camera, microphone and fully charged. If you are experiencing technology or internet issues:

  1. Inform the classroom teachers via email or by using the chat room.
  2. Send one technology help desk email to both and describing your technology issue.  A member of the technology team will respond will respond to your email.

We don’t want students missing out on critical instructional time, we will do all we can to support you in getting your child logged on and learning.

Parents may be required to return school issued devices that are not functioning properly (i.e. broken camera, broken microphone, does not charge, etc.) to the school for a replacement or to be repaired. Parents will be financially responsible for repairs caused by the student.



The High School is open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Fridays 8am-3pm. Please feel free to call 980-242-3070 if you have questions or need to speak with an administrator.



Principal Wiggins