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College and Career Readiness (CCR)

Counseling Department

William Livingston

CCR Director

Nicole Cooksey

2021 Counselor

Simone Banks

2022 Counselor


Brittany Arnold

2023 Counselor

Billie Anderson

2024 Counselor

Aaliyah Bilal-Steele

Career Coach/Counselor


Betzabe Castaneda

Intensive Writing Teacher


Shericka Usher

Support Specialist

Montesia Deas

Student External Opportunities/Alumni Services


College and Career Readiness

Sugar Creek Charter School is dedicated to the enhancement and development of our students. In an effort to meet the needs of preparing students for life after high school, we have launched a new comprehensive college and career preparation program that began Fall 2014. The College and Career Readiness Program is designed to help students acquire the necessary soft skills that are required to be successful in both college and in the workforce. The CCR Program consists of three components: CCR Counseling, CCR Seminars and the Student External Opportunities Program.

CCR Program Goals

· 100% of Students Graduate High School

· 100% of Student have a comprehensive, fully developed “Life Plan” that will follow the student after graduation

· 100% College Acceptance (2-year, 4-year, Technical, ect.)

· 80% Meet college benchmark scores on ACT/SAT Standardized Test in one or more areas

· 100% Students complete a minimum of 270 hours of external opportunity

· 100% Updated Contact Information for Current Students and Alumni

· 100% Students using Naviance/Family Connections

· 75% Matriculation of Student Life Plans.

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