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College and Career Readiness & Counseling (CCR)

Audrey Castor

Audrey Castor

Counselor, Class of 2023

(980) 242- 3070

Hello Alll! Welcome to Ms. Castor's CCR page! I grew up in Spring Valley, NY - a small suburb in downstate New York. I received my Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from SUNY Cortland and am currently pursing my Master's in School Counseling at Liberty University. When I'm not in a classroom, I enjoy traveling, dancing and spending time with my two dogs, Simba and Bambi.

College and Career Readiness Seminar III Course Description

Course Syllabus

Junior year is all about planning and preparing for college and careers. During the course of the year, we will work together to set goals and build on essential life skills in order to ensure success. Students will continue to take challenging courses, receive one-on-one counseling sessions, explore colleges/admissions requirements, create “Life Plans” using Naviance and prepare for the ACT. (The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States.) Students will apply their skills through real life examples, problem solving and other situations while working on their required community service hours, and participate in internship/job shadowing opportunities.

Class Required Materials:

  • Spiral Notebook or
  • Binder with Loose Leaf paper
  • Writing utensil (blue or black pen and/or pencil)
  • Colored Pencils

Class Schedule:

  • 1st Block: CCR Seminar III
  • 2nd Block: CCR Seminar III
  • 3rd Block: CCR Seminar III
  • 4th Block: CCR Seminar III

What's My Schedule

(available for viewing on Tuesday, August 10th)

Student Email

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