“It’s remarkable to watch our students learn through a variety of experiences; from trips to Africa with Care for Aids to corporate summer internships…I’m humbled to be a part of their journey.”Donald Thompson
SCCS Board Member

Academic Programs

In our Middle School at Sugar Creek Charter School, we believe that student learning is the chief priority and all students can learn to their fullest potential. Students will develop their character, individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills by being actively engaged in the learning process. Continuous commitment to improvement ensures that our students are well-rounded, self-directed, lifelong learners. By maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment, we provide the opportunity for students to be successful in college and/or their career. Promoting high standards and expectations, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

Middle School Athletics

We believe in training the body as well as the mind to ensure bright futures for our young ones. Team sports provide unique opportunities for our young ones to learn teamwork, develop character, and understand the value of discipline and hard work.

Our Middle and High School students can enjoy a variety of sports such as:

Year-long Sports Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Step Cross Country JV Boys Basketball Baseball
Soccer Varsity Girls Basketball
Volleyball Varsity Boys Basketball

Character Education

Sugar Creek Charter School’s Character Education classes are designed to serve the whole student, as they grow and mature into active and productive members of our community. SCCS’s Character Education program has a detailed curriculum that is aligned with character standards and strongly encouraged by the State of North Carolina. Our Character Education classes differ from others because we have designed our curriculum to go over and beyond an average lesson. We make sure our lessons are extended into more project & service based learning where the student have opportunity to make these lessons life applicable in school, home and the community.

Our intention is always to lead our students into extended critical thinking and long term personal development.Therefore, we encourage personal ambition, integrity and responsibility in every area.

Exceptional Children

Within the Department of Exceptional Children at Sugar Creek Charter School, the ultimate goal of our program is to close academic gaps while preparing our students to become positive and productive citizens within a globally competitive society. Through our prideful delivery of specially designed research based instruction, our Special Education Teachers and Related Service Providers address our students’ unique needs, while also ensuring that each student has access to the general curriculum. Our dedicated and fully licensed Exceptional Children’s Staff, foster life-long relationships with each student, which not only provides academic advancement for our students, but also provides social and emotional growth as well. The plethora of knowledge gained by students through the Exceptional Children’s Department at Sugar Creek Charter School, develops our students’ life skills, which can be applied universally, within a university, entrepreneurship, and any other additional post graduate plans.