Our Mission

The mission of Sugar Creek Charter School is to eradicate generational poverty by providing a college and career preparatory education from kindergarten to 12th grade.  SCCS will address three critical areas leading towards college and career readiness of low wealth students of color.  Sugar Creek is committed to the following three pillars:

Three Pillars

Academic preparation:

Sugar Creek will provide students with a premier Academic experience in grade K – 8.  Students will receive a rigorous curriculum in all content areas that will provide them with a solid and strong high school/college prep foundation. moreover, students’ academic program will be individualized to meet their various needs.

Sugar Creek Pillars of Success
High school/college/career:

Sugar Creek is committed to ensure that all students persist in high school, college, and the workforce.  Each student will receive individualized support for their planned course of study.  Sugar Creek will expand their existing model through the development of a long-term alumni program which will foster ongoing relationships with and support for students after their graduation from Sugar Creek.

Sugar Creek Pillars of Success
Life skills for success:

Sugar Creek is committed to ensure that all students have the necessary life skills and character attributes to be successful in their future endeavors and to be positive contributing memers of our community.  such skills as responsibility, self-management, and integrity (STONE & Lewis, 2012) are critical to students’ success in high school, college and beyond.


Where minds and strong character are valued and nurtured

Sugar Creek’s vision is to serve as many children as possible and to work with them in their formative years so that they become well educated  and productive citizens as adults.  Moreover, we believe that Sugar Creek is uniquely situated to teach and prepare all of our students for their future.  We do so with a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm.