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Benson, Kareem

Benson, Kareem



(704) 509-5470

Greetings Wildcat Family, and Friends,

I am Mister Benson, and I teach Elementary Character Education for grades K-4th. This is my 11th year in education and my 7th year here at the great Sugar Creek Charter School. I am a 2010 Graduate of South Carolina State University. I stand on the core values of knowledge, confidence, diversity, and self love. I am also the coach of the highly competitive National Award Winning Step Team, The XFactor Step Team (Grades 5th -8th)

What Students Can Expect From Character Education:

My classes are filled with high energy lessons and a place where student are free to be themselves while growing strong each day as a scholar and as an individual. All Character Education lessons are for the whole child that reaches them socially and emotionally. I want every student to know and understand that its ok to be different. Our differences are what make each of us great as we strive daily to be better then we were the day before. You don't have to wait to be great. You can be great now, so you'll be even greater tomorrow, and in the future you'll be the greatest.

2021-2022 Character Education Lessons:

Kindergarten: Courage, Respect, Dealing with Emotions, Following Directions Confidence, Diversity, Purpose

1st Grade: Cooperation, Value, How to Introduce yourself, Core Values, Diversity, Dealing with Emotions, How to Express Yourself, Intro to Table Manners

2nd Grade: Self Esteem, Friendships, Conflict Resolution, Self Control, Intro to Public Speaking, Table Manners (5 Course Meal Set Up)

3rd & 4th Grades: Self Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Friendships, Goals, College Readiness, Start of Education Portfolio, Public Speaking, Table Manners (5 Course Meal Set Up)

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