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Message from Principal

Greetings Sugar Creek Charter School Families. I am Richard Russell, your Elementary School Principal. I have been working at SCCS for twenty-two years and counting. My experience consists of starting as a substitute, twelve years as a classroom teacher, numerous administrative positions and currently the Elementary Principal for the past seven years.

Sugar Creek Charter school has been in existence since 1999 and our Mission has never changed. Our Elementary staff strives collectively and collaboratively every day to eradicate generational poverty for the lives of our students and families. The pillars that consistently move our students into success are the level of support with data driven instruction, intentional culture building, and character education to prepare for life readiness.

March Principal Newsletter

Elementary School Announcements

Urgent Message to ALL CAR RIDER FAMILIES: Please pick up your scholar up by 4:00 pm daily. It is imperative that you are on time.

Urgent Message to ALL BUS RIDER FAMILIES: If your scholar will be a car rider, you must alert PICK MY KID for the change. You may also contact the front


Happening this Month

March 8th - End of 2rd Quarter

March 14th - Family Engagement and Empowerment Council

March 21st - Sugar Creek Walk-A-Nigh

March 25th - Teacher Work Day

March 27th - Financial Education Workshop

March 28th - Navigating the Virtual Platform.

March 29th - Spring Break Begin

Character Education

Character Education is a high energy class with high energy lessons where students are free to be themselves while growing strong each day as a scholar and as an individual. All Character Education lessons are for the whole child that reaches them socially and emotionally. We want every student to know and understand that it's ok to be different. Our differences are what make each of us great as we strive daily to be better than we were the day before. You don't have to wait to be great. You can be great now, so you'll be even greater tomorrow, and in the future, you'll be the greatest.

Character Education Lessons by Grade Level:

Kindergarten: Courage, Respect, Dealing with Emotions, Following Directions Confidence, Diversity, Purpose

1st Grade: Cooperation, Value, How to Introduce yourself, Core Values, Diversity, Dealing with Emotions, How to Express Yourself, Intro to Table Manners

2nd Grade: Self Esteem, Friendships, Conflict Resolution, Self Control, Core Values 2.0, How to Start and end a conversation, Anti Bullying

3rd & 4th Grades: Self Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Friendships, Goals, College Readiness, Start of Education Portfolio, Public Speaking, Table Manners (5 Course Meal Set Up)

Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Principal Russell' Newsletters