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It is important for your scholar to start their semester off strong. It is important for parents to reinforce being organized, following the guidelines outlined within the course syllabus with turning in work, time management, studying outside of the designated school hours, and developing consistent positive and productive habits. Consistent positive reinforcement, and accountability will be the key to the success of scholars during the second semester.

The overall goal at J. Frank Martin High School Campus is for over 70 percent of our scholars to perform at a proficient level on their End Of Course state Exams. This goal aligns to the bigger picture which is, North Carolina portrait of a Graduate. There are several key skill sets that are aligned to Portrait of a Graduate.

  • Adaptability,
  • Collaboration,
  • Communication,
  • Critical Thinking,
  • Empathy,
  • Learner’s Mindset,
  • Personal Responsibility.

As a school we will continue to focus on these skill sets within daily instructional practices.

How to support your scholar outside of school

  • Actively check on your scholars' grades in Canvas in Powerschool to ensure that they are turning in assignments on time, and performing at the academic level that is
  • Review your scholar’s syllabus for each of his/her courses
  • Talk with scholars about their daily routines at school along with their experiences within their classes. Encourage them to seek help in classes that they are struggling in.
  • Even if your scholar does not have homework in a particular subject area, have them review their notes in that class for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Make sure that your scholar adequate rest during school nights. A typical school day starts at 6:45 am.
  • Place emphasis on time management with your scholar when it comes to balancing extracurricular activities or job responsibilities.

Change of Weather

It is officially the winter season. During the morning and throughout the day it is very cold. Parents it is important for your scholar to dress accordingly. (Heavier jackets, sweat shirts, hats) J. Frank Martin Campus is also an open campus which means scholars will have to walk outside to transition from building to building for their classes. Although scholars will be required to take off non school colors and jackets once they are inside the classroom, they will be allowed to put back on their non school colors when the class ends. OVERSIZED BLANKETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON CAMPUS.


Sugar Creek Charter School is a uniform school. The uniform policy is strictly enforced here at the high school. Scholars are not allowed to wear foam runners along with crocs.


  • Attendance is very important at high school. At the high school, attendance is another determining factor when it comes to passing or failing a class.
    • Five tardies equals one absence. A scholar that arrives at school after 7:15 is late and counted as tardy.
    • Scholars are allowed to enter the school building at 6:45 am and no earlier
  • Attendance Recovery will take place tomorrow and Friday within the front office area. Attendance recovery time is from 2:25-3:20.

Merit and Demerit System Overview

The main focus of the Demerit and Merit system here at Frank J. Martin campus is to support a positive and engaging culture among students and staff. The merit and demerit system is implemented through the online platform “Live School”. The merit and demerit system aligns to J. Frank Martin’s School Wide Discipline Plan.

  • Demerits can be given to students based on a range of students actions. Depending on the action of the student will determine the type of demerit given and the weight of the demerit. Certain actions (ex; physical altercations) will require a demerit and a referral. When a student obtains a certain amount of demerits, consequences will be enforced.
  • Students can earn merits based on positive actions within the school. Similar to demerits, depending on the action of the students will determine the type merit a student can receive and the weight of the merit. When students earn a certain amount of merits they become eligible for certain rewards and privileges.

Parent reminders

  • Parents, if you have changed your contact information (email address, or phone number) it is very important that you contact Ms. Nunez and provide updated information.
  • If you are having trouble accessing PowerSchool please contact Ms. Nunez.

High School Campus Visitors Protocol



Contact Information

Mr. Jamaal Young, Principal