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Burkes, Santoria

High School: English II/English II Honors Email Website

Perry, Vivian

Middle School Math Email

Chasten, Nieshia

Middle School Instructional Assistant Email Website

Sundo, Celeste

Director of Professional Development Email

Willson Karon

MS Math Teacher Email Website

Robertson, Jennifer

School Social Worker Email

Adams, Sarah

Middle School Math Coach Email Website

Deas, Montesia

External Opportunities Coordinator & Alumni Services Email Website


Art Teacher Email Website

Blackwell, Mitzi

High School Spanish Teacher Email Website

Telia Hatfield

6th Grade English Language Arts Email Website

Bellamy, Serena

Lead - Kindergarten Teacher Email Website

Chellis, Scott

K-4 Health & Physical Education Email Website

Blanks, Olympiah

8th Grade ELA Teacher Email Website

Akins, Tyrone

High School Substitute Email Website

Dials, Shaquel

7th - ELA Email Website

Childs, Erica

College and Career Readiness Counselor Class of 2024 Email Website

Womack, Tiffany

1st - Instructional Assistant Email Website

Anderson, Charlotte

6th – Teacher - Fundamentals of Writing Email Website

Tuomey, Debra

Elementary Intervention Teacher (Grades 1-2) Email

Beas, Shelly

EC Instructional Assistant Email

Blash, Kevin

High School Facilities Manager/ISS Email

Chun, Shemika

4th – Lead Teacher - Math Email Website

Douglas, Monique

High School French Teacher Email Website

Turner, Cheryl

Superintendent Email

Cielo, Kelly

Executive Assistant Email Website

Tyson, Tiffany

Middle School Character Education Teacher Email Website

Bennett, Alicia

7th Grade Math Email

Brake, Daye

MS Principal Email Website

Capers, Denesia

HS Ethnic Studies Teacher Email Website

Artis, Gary

5th Grade Math Email

Dunn, Chris

Instructional Technology Facilitator Email


PE Curriculum Coach and Athletic Director Email Website

Ferguson, Kamesha

8th - Math Teacher Email Website

Worthy, John

7th Grade Math Email Website

Brantley, Tony

Business and CTE Email Website

Webster, Robin

2nd - 4th ELA Instructional Coach Email Website

Bease, Shelly

EC instructional Assistant Email

Young, Jamaal

HS Principal Email

Ferguson, RaShunna

8th - Math Email Website

Back, Naomi

Math Teacher Email Website

Brittany Hayden

White, Rayshonde

2nd-Teacher-ELA Email Website

Coleman, Nicara

PBIS Activity Coordinator

Zripko, Erin

1st Grade Instructional Coach Email Website

Wiggins, Tawana

Chief Executive Officer Email

Brown, Carla

5th and 6th - ELA Instructional Coach Email Website

Brown, Crystal

8th Science Email Website

Cooper, Kristella

2nd – 4th ELA Curriculum Facilitator Email Website

Jones, Quanacia

Instructional Assistant Email

Coppedge, Rashika

Exceptional Children - Self Contained K-8 Email

Wilson, Corinne

Exceptional Children- ELA 6-8 Email

Thomas, Keniona

IT Support Email

Wilson, Dreana

6th Grade Math Teacher Email Website

Barnes, Crystal

Elementary Dean of Students Email


Ethnic Studies Teacher Email

Craig, Preston

Middle School Character Education Teacher Email Website

Wilson, Justin

7th Grade Math Email Website


3rd Grade Mathematics Email Website

Barnett, Passion

Benson, Kareem

Elementary Character Education Email Website

Darrisaw, Rasheka

Second Grade Math Teacher Email Website

Franklin, Tanesha

EC Compliance Coordinator Email Website

Barton, Devona

1st Grade Teacher Email Website

Dates, Amy

3rd – Teacher - ELA Email Website

Orr, Mallory

High School French Teacher Email Website

Capehart, Makaila

1st Grade Teacher Email Website

Davis, Erica

1st – Instructional Assistant Email Website

Beamer, Jessica

High School Dept. Chair CTE and Electives Email Website

Carrington, Jeannine

High School English Department Chair Email Website

McDuffie, Nikea

English Teacher Email Website

Gaddy, Melisa

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction Email

Garcia, Lisbeth

Human Resources Email

Bilal-Steele, Aaliyah

Career Coach/Counselor Email Website

Casey, Naquille

Middle School Theatre Email Website

Glover, Brittany

High School Science Email Website

Casey, Shaquille

2nd – Lead Teacher - Math Email Website

Castañeda, Betzabe

HS Intensive Writing Teacher Email Website

Graham, Cherie

MTSS coordinator, Title 1 family engagement coordinator, ELL coordinator Email

Bishop, Iva

5-8 Math Interventionist Email Website

Castor, Audrey

HS CCR Counselor Support Email Website

Grdich, Julia

Instructional Coach - Elementary Math Email

Gresham, Tyler

Elementary Health and Physical Education Teacher Email Website

Charte, Stephanie

4th – Teacher - Math Email Website

Blackmon, Wanda

High School Nurse Email Website

Groves, Shawana

2nd Grade ELA Teacher Email Website

Hall, Eulalia

EC Instructional Assistant Email

Hall, Zanetta

Character Education Email Website

Harmon, Eric

5th Grade ELA Email Website

Harris, Charlyn

K - Lead Teacher Email Website

Harris, Lakesha

K – Teacher Email Website

Harris, Nichelle

Director of Information Technology Email

Hayden, Brittany

7th Grad Math Email Website

Henderson, Ryan

TV/Film and Journalism Teacher Email Website

Hicklin, Victoria


Holtzclaw, Stephanie

Elementary EC Teacher Email Website

Howard, Marquitta

4th – Teacher - ELA Email Website

Irving, Jackeia

5th Grade Science Email Website

Jackson, Leah

4th - ELA Email Website

James, Taylor

6th - PBL Social Studies Email Website

Javies, Phil

7th - PBL Social Studies Email Website

Jeter, Jasmine

5th Grade ELA Teacher; 5th Grade Team Lead 22-23 Email Website

Johnson, April

Transportation Email

Levesque, Zachary

Health & PE Teacher Email Website

Johnson, Xavia

7th/8th ELA Instructional Coach Email Website

McDonald, Lauren (Kendrick)

TV & Digital Media Email Website

Kimber, LaShawn

Middle School Theater Teacher Email Website

Kinsey, Mercedez

K - Instructional Assistant Email Website

Knight, Sherri

SCCS Online Eduation Facilitator Email Website

Leak, Chantel

7th - PBL Science Email Website

LeGree, Korea

High School Science Teacher Email Website

Lendon, Treasure

4th – Teacher - ELA Email

Leverette, Gernavia

Middle School Principal (5th -8th Grade) Email Website

Littlejohn, La'Quandra

2nd Grade - Teacher - Math Email Website

Livingston, Candice

K – Instructional Assistant Email Website

Livingston, Carrina

Middle School Science and Social Studies Curriculum Facilitator Email

Livingston, William

Director of College and Career Readiness Email Website

Lockhart, Naphtali

High School Technology Email


Substitute teacher

Lopez, Belkis

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant Email Website

Martinez, Stephany

Receptionist Email

Matthews, Nicole

3rd Grade ELA Email Website

McGuire, Jenny

Speech Language Pathologist Email Website

McMillan, Monica

Transportation Email

McNeill, Celia

Media Center Coordinator/Substitute Email Website

McNeill, Sierra

6th - ELA Email Website

McQuiller, Shai

Middle School Physical Education Teacher Email Website

McRae, Andria

1st – Instructional Assistant Email

Mendoza, Mildred

ESL Teacher (Grades 2-4) Email Website

Miller, Deja

6th Grade Math Email Website

Miller, Sadania

IT Support Email

Mills, Tiraney

HS Spanish Teacher Email Website

Mitchell, LaConya

Elementary Math Instructional Coach Email Website

Mitchell, Tsekou

3rd - Teacher - Math Email Website

Ms. Naomi Danzy

M.S. Science Email Website

Murphy, Shannon

HS English Teacher Email Website

Nahgahgwon, Renee

Science Department Chair and Teacher Email Website

Nance, Inez

K - Teacher Email Website

Nance, Naomi

6th – Teacher - Fundamentals of Writing Email Website

Naomi Bach

Nicholson, Jadah

6th Grade ELA Email

Nieshia Okemia

Nuñez, Jennifer

Administrative Assistant Email

Olaso, Larissa

1st - Instructional Assistant Email Website

Patino, Yadira

K-1 ELA/Math Interventionist Email Website

Price, Takeshia

Behavior Modification Technician Email

Quinn, KaTrina

1st - Curriculum Facilitator Email Website

Reddish, Tanisha

HS Exceptional Children's Department Chair Email Website

Richardson, Evelyn

Chief Operations Officer Email

Robinson, Daysohn

High School Custodian Email

Rollinson, Stephanie

Transportation Email

Rowe, Sway-Anne

Kindergarten Curriculum Facilitator Email Website

Russell, Richard

Elementary School Principal Email Website

Samuel, Andy

Middle School Dean of Students Email

Saunders, Jeremy

ELL Compliance Director, ELL Teacher (Grades 5-8) Email Website

Schools, Kenneth

Elementary Technology Email Website

Scott, Jasmine

High School Visual Arts Email Website

Shell, Eleanor

Director of Development Email

Smith, Lisa

HS History Teacher Email Website

Soistman, Ashley

3rd – Teacher - Math Email Website

Spearman (Gbenyon), Javonne

High School Creative Movement and Performance Arts Instructor Email Website

Spencer, Cordelia

8th - ELA Email Website

Stewart, Emily

4th – Teacher - ELA Email Website


History Teacher Email Website

Jones, Tiffany

9th Grade Counselor Email Website


Special Education Teacher Email

Morris, Savion

Intervention Lab Assistant

Robinson, Norreal

1st Grade Instructional Assistant Email


Substitute(Exceptional Children) Email







Roberts, Keisha

Intervention Lab Assistant Email



Bland, Jamie

HS Math Teacher Email Website

Boger, Christina

Registrar/Admissions Email

Mendonca, Kayla

EC Director Email

Davis, Monayasia

K - Teacher

Davis, Thelia

3rd Grade ELA Teacher

Grier, Shakari

1st Grade Instructional Assistant

Henderson, Marcus

Kindergarten Instructional

Lowry, Calvin

1st Grade Instructional Assistant

McCrey, Chevey

1st Grade Instructional Assistant

McNair, Howard

3rd Grade Math Instructional Assistant

McNeil, Elizabeth

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Robinson, Nikita

4th Grade Math Teacher

Thomas, Jenna

K - Teacher

Graham, Shelby

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Allen, Daniel

Intervention Lab Assistant

Ingold, Sarah

HS Math Dept. Chair Email

De Leon, Pamela

College and Career Readiness Councilor

Robinson, Pamela

K - Instructional Assistant

Wiltberger, Vanessa

1st Grade Instructional Coach

Beck, Natalia


Young, Karen

PBL Social Studies, Science & Writing Coach Email

Mobley, Tamara

Clinical Social Worker Email

Mumtaz, Adreinia


Cehelnik, Kelly

English Teacher Email Website

Owens, Bianca

7th/8th Grade Math Curriculum Coach Email

Woods, Oralia

Clinical School Social Worker

Patterson, Ahdonnica

EC Adaptive Curriculum Teacher K-12

Yoruk, Muhammed

Instructional Coach (Specialist Team) Email

Livers, Mason

Substitute Email