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Douglas, Monique

Douglas, Monique

High School French Teacher

(980) 242-3070


My name is Monique Douglas. This is my 6th year at Sugar Creek Charter School, 13th year overall! I am a French teacher at the high school and the World Languages/Arts Department Chair. I attended Western Carolina University for my undergraduate degree and obtained my masters at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I am a first-generation American of Jamaican descent, originally from Miami but living in Charlotte for over 20 years.

Course Description:

This class will expand upon basic concepts in French language including pronunciation, grammar and culture. Students will enhance and further develop their use of French with a balanced development of all four modalities of language learning: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. We will include more real-world practice and as an honors course, students will be encouraged to speak in the target language (i.e., French) more and have a decent grasp on basic communication and vocabulary.

The importance of communication and cultural awareness is stressed at this level, in addition to expanding upon what they learned in French 3. Students will be able to state their activities in the imperfect tense (telling stories, recounting events in the past). Lastly, there is a strong emphasis on communication, comprehension and verb conjugation at this level. French will be used as much as possible during classroom instruction, the goal being 90% of instructional time.

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Class Schedule (Semester 2)

2nd Block: French 1

Supply List:
  1. Either a composition book or a 1-inch spiral bound notebook.
  2. Writing utensil (no yellow ink).
  3. Computer & charger.


CLICK TO ENTER: Semester 2 Meet & Greet

Friday, February 11, 2022.

8:00-10:00am & 2:00-4:00pm

Student Resources: Student Email

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Available Tuesday, August 10.

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