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Counselors and Social Workers

The role of Sugar Creek Charter School’s School Social Workers and Counselors is to implement prevention programs and policies to address the following issues; truancy, homelessness, foster care, behavioral/mental health concerns, and other school concerns as needed.

Our Social Workers and Counselors

Outside Agency Resources

Our School Social Workers connect with many Charlotte-Mecklenburg area agencies in order to provide a range of services to our students as well as parents/guardians. If you are seeking specific assistance, please review our list of recourses and contact the agencies directly. If you have any concerns or cannot find the help that you need, please feel free to contact our School Social Workers.

Outside Resource Links


North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law states that once a child has ten unexcused absences they are considered a truant student. If your student starts to accumulate unexcused absences, you will be contacted by our School Social Worker. Our truancy process is as followed; parent/guardian will receive three letters (one at three days, one at six days and one at ten days unexcused) informing them of the policy as well as listing the dates missed, a phone call home will be made, a meeting will be held at the school, and if necessary a home visit will be made. Once all of these attempts to contact parents/guardians fail and attendance does not improve, our School Social Workers will review any reports and determine if the district attorney’s office or a juvenile courts counselor will be contacted.

McKinney Vento

The McKinney-Vento Act assist students who experience housing instability with remaining stable in school and providing needed academic supports. For further information click link below.

McKinney Vento Information