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Brantley, Tony

Brantley, Tony

Business and Computer Programming

School Office #: 980-242-3070

Hello all, My name is Mr. Tony Brantley and I am a proud graduate of XAVIER UNIVERSITY in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Management. I enjoy watching and participating in a variety of sports and I love listening to most genres of music. I am honored to be the Business and CTE instructor at SCCS. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Business I Course Description:

Bus I Syllabus

This business course introduces students to topics related to business, finance, management, and marketing to cover business in the global economy, functions of business organization and management, marketing basics, and significance of business financial and risk management.

Business II Course Description:

Bus II Syllabus

In this course, students will learn the foundational steps of marketing, advertising, and sales. Students will discover new techniques that can be used to effectively market, advertise, and sale a particular product or service.

IT Fundamentals Course Description:

IT Fund Syllabus

This is an introductory course for students who are brand new to the field of Information Technology (IT). Students will learn the fundamental concepts of computer technology, hardware, software, networking, the internet, and exploring careers in the field of technology.

Class Schedule:

1st Block: 7:20-8:50am, Business I

2nd Block: 8:55-10:25am, IT Fundamentals

3rd Block: 11:05-12:35pm, Business II

4th Block: 12:40-2:10pm, Planning

Google Classroom Code:

Everfi Registration Codes:

  • BUSINESS I: 1e675784
  • IT FUNDAMENTALS: cf88f83f
  • BUSINESS II: 9bcdcfdf
  • BUSINESS III: c9cbf488

Classroom Supplies:

A breakdown of the classroom supplies they will need DAILY are:

● Writing utensil (pencil or pen)

● 1 SCCS distributed laptop computer

● 1 Folder or Notebook folder combo (Assignment & Note Taking)

● Earphones or Ear Buds (Noise Cancellation)

Student Email

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