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Knight, Sherri

Knight, Sherri

Electives: SCCS Online Rd


980-242-3070 - School

980-247-0081 - Business number

Communication - Response 24-48 hrs

Hello parents and scholars, My name is Ms. Knight. I attended Morgan State University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Telecommunications, with a minor in Psychology. I also obtained my Master Equivalent course work in Special Education, from Coppin State University. and John Hopkins University. This school year will be my fourth year here at SCCS. I have thirty years experience in education and teaching. My philosophy is TEACHING IS A WAY OF GIVING BACK FROM ONE'S SOUL.

Course Schedule-


Block 1- VHS Online Courses

Block 2-VHS-Online Courses

Block 3-VHS- Online Courses

Block 4-VHS- Online Courses

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