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Henderson, Ryan

Henderson, Ryan

TV/Film and Journalism Teacher

School office: 980 242 3070

My name is Mr. Henderson. I teach TV/Film and Journalism. I am a Philadelphia native. I received my B.A. in Communication (Radio,TV, and Film) from Rowan University in South Jersey. I have been teaching for 10 plus years.


Journalism 1 2nd Semester 2022

Journalism 2 2nd Semester 2022

This course will teach students how to write in order to inform. Students will learn how to write news articles and reports with unbiased objectivity. Students will be trained to become young responsible and credible journalists. We will use two textbooks and many online resources to give students the best tools to be successful in their journalistic journey. We will utilize a Glencoe textbook entitled Journalism Today and School Newspaper Adviser’s Survival Guide. In this class students will review current events happening in this city, nation, and overseas. We will also cover what is happening in and around our school district. It is important that family, friends, and members of the Sugar Creek Charter School community stay informed.

Supplies Needed: School Issued Laptop

TV/Film 2 2nd Semester 2022

This course is designed to equip students with the skills needed to write, produce, edit, and publish audio and visual content for television and film. Students will use the knowledge acquired from TV 1 and apply it to TV and Film. We will add and expand knowledge content in more detail and complex assignments in groups and individual works. In this class we will explore various genres of television content as well as film. The film portion of class will allow students to learn the artform of camera movement, shot types, sizes, and angles. Students will learn how to digitally organize in preproduction for a short film or television production.

Supplies Needed: 32g flash drive


M-F Journalism 1: Block 1

M-F Teacher Planning: Block 2

M-F TV Broadcasting II (TV/Film): Block 3

M-F CPCC Class: Block 4

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