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Our Mission and Pillars

Our Mission

"to eradicate generational poverty in the lives of our students by providing a rigorous education from kindergarten through 12th grade through academic preparation, college and career readiness and life skills for success."

Sugar Creek’s Three Pillars to Ensure Success

Sugar Creek Charter Schools is proud to employ a dedicated, passionate team of leaders and role models to shape the lives of our young students.

Academic Preparation

We provide an exceptional academic experience from kindergarten through grade 12. Our rigorous curriculum – coupled with personalized learning strategies – is the key to a solid high school/higher education foundation.

High School, College, and Beyond

Sugar Creek is committed to ensuring that each student succeeds throughout high school and college, as well as in the workforce. In addition to individualized support, we offer an Alumni Council whose purpose is to sustain relationships that support students following graduation.

Life Skills for Success

Academic preparation and success are not our only objectives. Along with the skill of self-management, we help students understand the importance of responsibility and integrity (Stone & Lewis, 2012). Students in grades K through 8 are given academically proficient character instruction that will benefit them well beyond elementary, middle, and high school.


Nurturing Strong Minds and Character

At Sugar Creek, we are determined to serve as many students as possible during their formative years so they leave our school well educated and prepared to be productive members of the community as adults. Each day, we strive to reach this goal with a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm.

Dedicated Staff and Faculty

Many members of our staff and faculty have risen through the ranks at Sugar Creek. That’s a large part of the reason our educators are so passionate about, and devoted to, the success of our student population.

Meet Our Leadership