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Hello Wildcats and Wildcat Parents,

We are excited to begin another school year with you! There have been some changes in procedure in the nurses’ offices, so please read this information carefully. All of this info, and the forms mentioned, can be accessed on the Sugar Creek Charter School website under the “Resources” tab and the “Nurse” page. And, as always, call if you need further explanation or help. The forms requiring a doctor’s signature need to be updated each school year.


-This policy applies to both prescription (inhalers, epi pens, insulin) and non-prescription (advil, tylenol, allergy meds, pepto bismol) medications.

-Students may only carry medication with a SIGNED note from doctor.

-Signed doctor note must be kept with the student’s medication AND on file in the nurse’s office.

-No student medication is to be shared with another student.

-If these rules are not followed, it is considered to be a violation of school policy and could lead to suspension or expulsion.

We cannot get verbal permission from you to give any medication to your child. If your child needs any medication, please get the “Medication Authorization Form” filled out by your child’s physician. YOU MUST PROVIDE ALL MEDICATION FOR YOUR CHILD –this applies to prescription medication as well as tylenol, advil, pepto bismol, allergy meds, eye drops, etc. These medicines must be in an original bottle. By law, we cannot provide these medications for your child, and we can only give them medication from you if we have the form on file. K-8 students may never carry medication in their backpacks or on their person. High school students may carry meds only with documentation.

If your child has sensitivities or allergies to foods and will need a specific diet, you will need to fill out the “Food Allergy Form.” This will need to be signed by your child’s physician and returned to us. No special dietary accommodations will be made without this form.

We will continue to have the Charlotte Community Health Clinic dental van at the Main Campus every Tuesday and Wednesday during the school year. They will do cleanings, fillings, and procedures right here on campus – you don’t need to take time away from work to take your K-8th grade child to an appointment. If you’d like your child to participate, please fill out the form on the Nurse page. The clinic will call to schedule.

This year we will still be offering virtual sick visits with a doctor thru Tyto Healthcare of Novant. The sign up for this is also on the nurse page. It’s a great way to skip Urgent Care if your child gets sick at school. Any cost will be paid by your insurance/Medicaid.

Again, we are very excited for this upcoming year. Contact us with questions.

Emily Robinson, RNWanda Blackmon

Main Campus K-8High School Campus 9-12

P.S. Just a reminder, Kindergarten, 7th grade, and 12th grade students need new shot records on file. Updated records need to be received by the school no more than 30 days after the start of the school year. If we don’t receive your update by September 7, 2023, by NC law your child may not return to school until they have the updated records.