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School Dental Program

We will have a mobile unit set up outside. A state licensed dentist will regularly check your child’s mouth & teeth, as well as provide a cleaning, x-rays as necessary, fluoride treatment and apply sealants, as needed. Additional care, such as fillings, may also be provided. A dental report card will be sent home with your child. Includes initial dental care & follow-up visits.

Parent Benefits

  • Parents save both time and money – No lost wages or leave for taking time off from work to take the child to the dentist. Parents of children in need can least afford to take time off.
  • Comfort in knowing their child is receiving quality dental care from a respected health provider in the community.
  • Regular parental notification of child’s oral health condition – dental services receive with dental referrals are needed and with good communication and follow up.

School Benefits

  • Less time out of the classroom = more instruction = better grades = better test scores.
  • School, administrators, and teachers are partners to teach good oral health which contributes to overall good health.

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